Nevzat Sayin

Nevzat Sayin (born Hatay, Dörtyol in 1954) is an architect.

1 Early life
2 Career
3 List of Works
4 Released Books
5 Project Rewards
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Early life
He was educated at Ege University. He began post-graduate studies at Ege, but did not complete them. He worked with Cengiz Bektaş for after school education.

He started his own architecture firm in 1985. He received Serbest Mimarlar Ödülü. He was nominated for the Ağa Han Architectural Awards. He wrote many architectural writings and he gave many interviews.

List of Works
Gön Leather Factory—Gön is a structure which has been middle of the shantytown and it remains for a long time. For the structure he considered this speciality of the area. The important things are explicitness and not going to lose its impact.
Beyaz Ev
Kızılbel Evleri—Employs materials such clay brick and dotune that can be used in future projects. The units are built with local structure methods. Units are designed as one with some distance between them. The buildings that are for guests and owners are separate. Dining and kitchen areas are shared. The pool is also separate.
Göksu Ofis—A building by the water. The building is like a boat between the water and the curvilinear street behind it. The building is close to the street. The facade that faces the water is completely open. It is treated with a wooden grill that protects the privacy of the inside. The building stands between boat and pier recalls.
Yahşibey Evleri—Nevaz Sayın says, “We put a rule to ourselves just at the beginning. We was going to make like its been made from years but we were going to make it better. We decided the borders and we let the worker decide how to make it.we tried to find something new in the routine. It was an important factor in the similarizing demand that this house had no distance from the houses surrounding it.
“I don’t know what is the difference and similarities but it is like our homes also it isn’t. This is the villagers words. This words claim that the idea was successful. In this specialities we think that the house got the point to be a stranger and familiar.”
Released Books
Nevzat Sayın: Düşler, Düşünceler, İşler 1990-2004, Yapı Kredi Yayınları
Nevzat Sayın: Bir Yapı Kitabı, Umur Yayınları
Project Rewards
ArkiPARC Gayrimenkul Ödülü, Konut – Yeni Gelişme Kategorisi Ödülü, (Evidea Konutları, 2008)
ArkiPARC Gayrimenkul Ödülü, Finalist, (Tepe Narcity Konut Yerleşkesi, 2008)
ArkiPARC Gayrimenkul Ödülü, Kamusal Proje Kategorisi Ödülü, (Santralistanbul Kültür ve Eğitim Merkezi Yerleşkesi, 2008)
Ulusal Mimarlık Ödülleri, Yapı Dalı – Başarı Ödülü, (Tekirdağ’da Ev, 1998)
Ulusal Mimarlık Ödülleri, Yapı Dalı – Başarı Ödülü, (Gön II. Bina, 1996)
Ulusal Mimarlık Ödülleri, Yapı Dalı – Başarı Ödülü, (Gön I. Bina, 1992)
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Kendisi Gibi (Hillsider, Ebru Tabak, 09/2000)
Nevzat Sayın: White House as Void, Emre Senan House, Architect’s Studio (A+U, 07/2000)
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Mimarlık Ödüllü Bir Beyaz Ev (Address, Handan Alanlıoğlu, 05/2000)
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