Michel Desvigne

is a French landscape born in Montbéliard on January 24 , 1958. He has realized many landscaping and public spaces, and transposed American “park systems” on large European territories, thus contributing to the requalification of the peripheries of cities in the form of thick “edges”, intermediate landscapes favorable to the interaction between the agricultural world and the suburban. He received the Grand Prix de l’urbanisme in 2011 1 .

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From the landscape school to the Villa Medicis
Michel Desvigne obtained a degree in botany and geology at the University of Sciences of Lyon-II in 1979. He then joined the National School of Landscape in Versailles where he follows the teaching of Michel Corajoud 1 . He graduated as a landscape architect DPLG in 1984.

Winner in 1986 of the competition of the Academy of France in Rome architecture section, Michel Desvigne is the first landscaper to integrate the Villa Medici. A resident between 1986 and 1988, he produced the “Elementary Gardens”. Some of his drawings will be integrated in 2013 in the collections of Center Georges Pompidou 2 . A grant from FIACRE (the incentive fund for the creation of a French company from the Ministry of Culture) allows him to return to continue his research.

First achievements
In 1989, Renzo Piano entrusted him with the garden of his operation on rue de Meaux in Paris. Noticed, this “square des Bouleaux” (1990) launched. Follow many projects: several public spaces in Lyon (including the Caille Garden and the Place des Célestins 1990-1994), the city entrance of Montpellier (1993), the vicinity of the TGV Mediterranean stations (with Jean-Marie Duthilleul , 1992-2002), the landscape plan of Issoudun.

From 1983 to 1986, Michel Desvigne led various projects and projects, alone or in collaboration with landscapers Christine Dalnoky, Michel Corajoud and Alexandre Chemetoff .

Major projects and recognition
In 2000, Michel Desvigne received the medal of the Academy of Architecture .

He is named Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2003.

Called by renowned architects, Michel Desvigne carries out many projects abroad, among which are: the Greenwich Peninsula Park in London (with Richard Rogers , 1997-2000), the Dallas Center’s outdoor and garden areas for the Performing Arts (with Foster + Partners and OMA Rem Koolhaas , 2004-2009), the Dräi Eechelen Park in Luxembourg (with Ieoh Ming Pei , 1999-2008), the central square of Almere in the Netherlands (with Rem Koolhaas , 2000-2005), the reinterpretation of a Noguchi Garden for Tokyo’s Keio University (with Kengo Kuma 2004-2005).

He is leading these projects together with several large-scale studies, such as the development of Bordeaux Rive droite (2000-2004), the transformation of an industrial valley, the Lower Lea Valley, in London (with Herzog & de Meuron , 2004). , an urban and landscape development plan in Burgos, Spain (with Herzog & de Meuron , 2006-2011), the landscaping of the Lyon Confluence 2 project.

In 2011, Michel Desvigne won the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme for his constant contribution to the reflection on the city and the territory 3 .

Simultaneously with numerous collaborations with architects and town planners, world famous or beginners, Michel Desvigne is also sometimes their agent for major projects such as the Paris-Saclay cluster ( 7 700 ha and 30 km long 1 , 2010-2021 ), Euralens and the mining basin park chain (2010-2016), or the Old Port of Marseille (2012-2016).

Among his recent achievements are projects of scales and natures (programs) varied: the prefiguration garden of Ile Seguin with the architect Inessa Hansch (2010), garden of the Gobert ponds of Versailles with the architect Inessa Hansch (2013), the central square of Lyon Confluence (2014), the forecourt of the Bordeaux stadium with Herzog & De Meuron (2015), the new forecourt of the Jussieu campus (2015), the development of the public spaces of the peninsula Caen island with the architect Inessa Hansch (2016), the Parc aux Angéliques de Bordeaux (2017) 4 for which he salutes the courage of public decision-makers, having agreed to devote dozens of building hectares to the realization of a park 1 .

Education and boards of directors
Alongside his design practice, Michel Desvigne has always kept time to teach. He teaches regularly in several architecture universities around the world: ENSP (Versailles, France), EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), UCL (Louvain, Belgium), AA School of Architecture (London, UK), Accademia di architettura (Mendrisio , Swiss).

He teaches the project at the Harvard Graduate School of Design with architect Inessa Hansch 5 .

Since 2008, Michel Desvigne chairs the board of directors of the National School of Landscape (ENSP, Versailles, France) .

He has been a member of the Board of the French National Commission for UNESCO since 2013.

From 2012 to 2017, he is an agent for the operation of the Parc aux Angéliques de Bordeaux, with the architect Inessa Hansch. The park is realized as and when the parcels are released 1 .
From 2012-2016, he created the surprise by revitalizing the public space of the Old Port of Marseille 1 , as a proxy and with Norman Foster .
2013-2016: Public Space of the Caen Peninsula, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2013-2016: Castagnola Housing Complex in Lugano, Switzerland, with Herzog & de Meuron
2010-2016: Euralens centrality, as agent, with Christian de Portzemparc and architect Inessa Hansch
2009-2016: Auditorium of Rezé with Rudy Riccioti
2008-2016: Kanaal Housing Complex in Antwerp, Belgium, with Stéphane Beel and Goris Coussée
2000-2016: Meudon Campus, with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
2011-2015: Wadi Park of Lusail, Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2012-2015: Atlantic Matumut Stadium of Bordeaux, with Herzog & de Meuron
2013-2015: Parvis of the Jussieu campus, Paris, with Architecture Studio
2008-2015: Place Thiers of Nancy
2007-2015: Cité des Sciences and campus Belval Fund in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, as agent
2007-2015: Garden in R + 1 of the Macdonald warehouse in Paris, with Xaveer De Geyter
2006-2015: St. Louis art museum in Missouri in the United States, with David Chipperfield
2013-2014: Garden of Saclay Trials, as agent
2010-2014: Place centrale de Lyon confluence, with Herzog & De Meuron & Christian de Portzemparc
2011-2014: forecourt of the Evreux cathedral
2007-2014: Jardins de la Lironde in Montpellier, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky and Christian de Portzemparc
2003-2014: Center of Quinconces, Le Mans, with Babin + Renaud
2013: Biomérieux Head Office, Marcy l’Etoile, with Valode and Pistre
2010-2013: Jardin des Etangs Gobert in Versailles, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2010-2013: Lusail Boulevards in Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2009-2013: Parvis of the familistère de Guise
2009-2013: Otemachi District Forest in Tokyo
2008-2013: Garden of the Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha, Qatar, with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
2007-2012: East marshals’ tramway (T3b) in Paris, with Antoine Grumbach
2006-2013: Radio house in Paris, with Architecture Studio
1998-2013: Parc Charpak de Montpellier, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky
2012: Lusail South Waterfront in Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2012: RTAP bus center rue de Pyrénées in Paris
2006-2012: Burgos Bulevar in Spain, with Herzog & De Meuron
2005-2012: Place of Thionville station
2009-2011: Garden of the Ministry of Culture, as agent and with Francis Soler and Patrick Blanc
2007-2011: Gardens of the BMCE BANK of Rabat, Casablanca and Fez in Morocco, with Norman Foster
2009-2010: Garden of prefiguration of Seguin Island, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2005-2010: Dalston Lane South in London, Great Britain
2004-2010: Waterfront of Bratislava in Slovakia, as agent and with architect Inessa Hansch
2009: Millennium Park in Aubervilliers, as agent
2009: Reims district Bezannes
2006-2009: Muséoparc d’Alésia in Alise-Sainte-Reine, with Bernard Tschumi
2006-2009: The Garden of the Agricultural Bank of China Data Center in Shanghai
2005-2009: Docks of Paris, city of fashion and design, with Jakob + MacFarlane
2005-2009: Zénith de Saint-Etienne, with Norman Foster
2004-2009: Sammons Park, AT & T Performing Art Center in Dallas Texas, USA, with Norman Foster
2000-2009: Draï Eechelen Park in Luxembourg, as agent and with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
2002-2008: Flying Brook Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut, USA, as agent
2004-2007: Place of Strasbourg train station
1999-2007: Rabotpark in Ghent, Belgium, with Stephan Beel
1999-2007: Ghent Courthouse in Belgium, with Stephan Beel
2004-2006: Zénith de Limoges, with Bernard Tschumi
2004-2006: Noguchi Garden of Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, with Kengo Kuma
2002-2006: Tramway marshals south (T3a) in Paris, with Antoine Grumbach
2001-2006: Port of Eilandje in Antwerp, Belgium
2004-2005: Southern entrance of the floral park of Bordeaux
2004-2005: Square Vinet of Bordeaux, as agent and with Partick Blanc
2004-2005: One New Change in London in the UK, with Jean Nouvel
2001-2005: Nature City of Arras, with Jean Nouvel
2001-2004: Garden of the Ministry of Culture 1, as agent
2001-2003: Vacheron and Constantin headquarters in Plan-lès-Ouates in Switzerland, with Bernard Tschumi
2000-2002: Beautiful shopping center
1994-2002: Avignon TGV station
1994-2002: Neighborhood Alesia Montsouris in Paris
2000-2001: Waterfront of Almere in the Netherlands, with Rem Koolhaas
1197-2001: Station Arbois,
1995-2001: Gerling Ring in Cologne, Germany, with Norman Foster
1999-2000: Middelheim Museum Park in Antwerp, Belgium, with Stephane Beel
1998-2000: Crentraal Museum Antwerp, Belgium, with Stephane Beel
1997-2000: Greenwich Peninsula Millenium Park in London, UK, with Richard Rogers
1993-2000: Avenue Pierre Mendes France in Montpellier
1992-2000: Lez Park in Montpellier
1999: Quai de Saône of Lyon confluence
1996-1999: James Joyce Square in Paris Rive Gauche
1994-1996: European Parliament in Strasbourg
1994: Crown Square in Nîmes
1993-1994: Theols Park at Issoudun
1991-1994: Place des Célestins in Lyon, with Daniel Buren
1989-1994: Thompson factory in Guyancourt, with Renzo Piano
1989-1994: Viaduct Road in Lyon, in collaboration
1990-1992: Jardin Caille de Lyon, in collaboration
1989-1992: Square of Bouleaux in Paris, with Renzo Piano
The projects carried out between 1989 and 2002 are the subject of a collaboration with the landscape architect Christine Dalnoky.

Current projects
2017-ongoing: Bordeaux Merignac Soleil, with Rem Koolhaas
2017- ongoing: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Beirut
2017-ongoing: Girodet Park in Bourg-lès-Valence
2016-ongoing: Detroit East Riverfront in Michigan in the United States, with SOM Architects
2016-ongoing: Il Parco Centrale de Prato in Italy
2016-ongoing: Ilot Morland in Paris, with David Chipperfield
2015-ongoing: Ireo Riverfroint Hospitality Development in Maharashtra, India, with Massimiliano Fuksas
2015-ongoing: Lyon Confluence 2 islet B2, with Diener & Diener Architekten
2014-ongoing: Albert Kahn Gardens in Boulogne-Billancourt, with Kengo Kuma
2014-ongoing: Endurance village in Doha, Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2014-ongoing: Orbital Highway in Doha, Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2014-ongoing: Michelin Corbett in Gurgaon, India, with OBR
2014-ongoing: Southampton Quay in Le Havre, as agent and with architect Inessa Hansch
2014- ongoing: Port de Cordemais, metropolitan Nantes Saint-Nazaire, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2014-ongoing: Agricultural Nature Park, metropolitan Nantes Saint-Nazaire, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2014-ongoing: Ensemble Buffon Poliveau in Paris, with Jean-Marc Duthilleul
2014-ongoing: islet Maillol Raspail Bac Grenelle in Paris
2014-ongoing: Housing project in Vanves, with Kengo Kuma
2014-ongoing: Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc, with Rem Koolhaas
2013-ongoing: Novartis Campus in East-Havover, New Jersey, USA, as agent and with architect Inessa Hansch
2013-ongoing: Lyon Confluence 2 islet A3, with Herzog & De Meuron
2012-ongoing: Province Headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, with Xaveer De Geyter
2012-ongoing: Quartier Bastide Brazza Nord in Bordeaux, with Youssef Tohmé
2012-ongoing: Chain of Parks Marseille, as agent
2011-ongoing: HIA airport City in Doha, Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2011-ongoing: Lusail Pocket Gardens in Doha, Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2010-ongoing: Lusail Marina district in Doha, Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2010-ongoing: Lusail East Waterfront in Doha, Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2010-ongoing: Quartier Bercy-Charenton in Paris, with Richard Rogers , TVK and Jean Nouvel
2009-ongoing: Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, with Jean Nouvel
2009-ongoing: Saclay Campus South, as agent
2009-ongoing: Cluster Paris-Saclay, as agent
2009-ongoing: South Lisières to Saclay, as agent
2009-ongoing: Polytechnic School District in Saclay, as agent
2008-ongoing: Oman Cultural Complex in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, with Architecture Studio
2007-ongoing: KAT district in Antwerp, with David Chipperfield
2007-in progress: forecourt of Austerlitz station, with Jean Nouvel
2007-ongoing: Museum voor Midden-Afrika (KMMA) in Tervuren, Belgium, with Stephane Beel
2006-ongoing: Place Rogier in Brussels, Belgium, with Xaveer De Geyter
2006-ongoing: Variation all ‘abitato di vallina, due nuovi ponti sull’ Arno in Vallina in Italy
2006-ongoing: Alésia Museo Park in Alise-Sainte-Reine with Bernard Tschumi
2005- ongoing: Quartier Monges Southern Cross in Cornebarrieu, with Bruno Fortier
2005-ongoing: Old Smooth Quays in Kortrijk, Belgium, as agent
2003-ongoing: New Saint Roch district in Montpellier, with Alexandre Chemetoff
Urban Studies
2017: Sette Belissimi Broli in Milan, Italy, with Cino Zucchi Architetti
2016: Manoel Island masterplan in Malta, with Norman Foster
2011-2016: Paris Seine East, with Finn Geipel
2014-2016: Seine Park 2, with Jean-Louis Subileau and architect Inessa Hansch
2015: Garden Ring in Moscow in Russia
2014-2015: Pion barracks in Versailles, as agent and with Jean-Louis Sublieau , Philippe Prost and architect Inessa Hansch
2013-2015: Euralens Park Chain, as agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2013-2014: Qatar Cultural and Sports Hub in Doha, Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2012-2014: Bourget train station
2012-2014: Plan Guide of Marseille, as agent
2013: Urban Study in Le Havre, as an agent and with the architect Inessa Hansch
2010-2013: Paris-Saclay Plateau de Satory, as agent and with Xaveer De Geyter
2008-2013: Lusail development in Qatar, with Architecture Studio
2012: Precinct Olympic Lusail in Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2012: Qatar University in Doha, Qatar, with Rem Koolhaas
2012: Common Plain, with Jean-Louis Subileau
2012: QCAA Headquarters, with Grimshaw Architects
2011-2012: Lille Métropole 2030, with Xaveer de Geyter, Floris Alkemade and Inessa Hansch
2011-2012: Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow, Russia, with Herzog & De Meuron
2011-2012: Greater Paris, with Jean Nouvel
2010-2012: Toulouse downtown, with Joan Busquets
2009-2012: Master Plan for Dunkirk as Mandate and with Joan Busquets
2009-2012: Lyon Confluence 2, with Herzog & De Meuron
2008-2012: New Qatar National Museum in Doha, Qatar, with Jean Nouvel
2005-2012: Euroméditerranée, with Massimilano Fuksas
2010-2011: Tour & Taxis in Brussels in Belgium
2010: Avenue of Europe in Versailles, with Xaveer de Geyter
2009-2010: Vista Palace in Roquebrune Cap Martin
2004-2010: Master Plan of Seguin Island, with François Grether
2009: Cat of Icade landscape
2009: West kowloon cultural district in Hong Kong, China, with Norman Foster
2009: Doha Corniche in Qatar, with Jean Nouvel
2008-2009: National Botanical Garden of Belgium
2008: Lacanau Océan seafront, as agent and with Inessa Hansch
2008: Haven Green interchange transport in London
2008: Monaco urbanization at sea, with Norman Foster
2008: Masterplan Nancy Grand Coeur
2008: Defense, with Jamel Klouche
2008: Nya Årstafältet in Stockholm, Sweden, with Archi5 Architects
2006-2008: Cergy-Pontoise urban and landscape development plan
2007-2008: Oude Dokken in Ghent, Belgium, with Rem Koolhaas and Floris Alkemade
2007: Bishops square in London, with Norman Foster
2007: Pushkin museum in Moscow, Russia, with Norman Foster
2006-2007: Plaine du Var, with Rem Koolhaas and Floris Alkemade
2005-2007: Militair Hospitaal in Antwerp, Belgium, with Stephane Beel
2005: André Meunier Garden in Bordeaux
2005: Bordeaux Right Bank, with Bruno Fortier
2005: Seine North Europe Canal
2005: Biesbosch Stad in Rotterdam in the Netherlands
2002-2005: Charter of the landscapes of Bordeaux
2002-2005: Walker Art Center, with Herzog & De Meuron
2004: Monte Carlo Park
2001-2004: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in the UK, with Norman Foster
2003-2004: Plan Guide Garonne in Bordeaux
2003: Territory of Issoudun
2003: Rhine-Rhone HSL
2000-2001: Emmanuel Kant Park in Duisburg, Germany, with François Grether
2000-2004: Lyon Confluence 1, with François Grether
1999: Sieroterapico Parco in Milan, Italy, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky
1998: Avignon Courtine and station area, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky and Jean-Michel Wilmotte
1991-2002: Port Marianne in Montpellier, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky
1990: Sistiana in Trieste, Italy, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky and Renzo Piano
1987: Newport Harbor Art Museum in Los Angeles, California, USA, in collaboration with Christine Dalnoky and Renzo Piano
Main exhibitions
Design after design , 21st Triennial of Milan, Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, 2 April – 12 September 2016.
Michel Desvigne , Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, 2014 exhibition 2
Paris-Saclay, the future under construction (s) , Maison de l’architecture, from November 28 to December 20, 2014.
Marseille Vieux Port, European Prize for Urban Public Space , Center of Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, ​​May – June 2014.
Views from above , Center Pompidou-Metz, from May 14 to October 7, 2013.
Making City , the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR), 2012.
EuropaCity , House of Architecture, Paris France, September – October 2012.
European Biennial of Landscape Architecture , Barcelona, ​​September 2012.
RE-cycle. Strategies for architecture, city and planet , MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, Italy, November 2011- April 2012.
The fertile city , City of Architecture & Heritage, Paris France, March – July 2011.
12 campuses of the 21 th century , Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, 28 October to 6 December 2010.
The mobile city , Biennale Internationale Design 2010, Saint-Étienne, France, November-December 2010.
Natures Intermédiaires , Arc-en-Rêve Architecture Center in Bordeaux, 3 June / 30 October 2005.
International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam , 26 May / 26 June 2005.
Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape , MoMA New York, February 25 / May 16, 2005.
Shared Territories, Metropolitan Archipelago , Arsenal Pavilion, Paris, September 2002.
European Biennial of Landscape Exhibition , Barcelona, ​​April 2001.
Territories: Contemporary European Landscape Design , Harvard Design School, Department of Landscape Architecture, Boston USA, April 2001.
Paris, the city and its projects: ZAC Seine Rive-Gauche , Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, December 1997.
Export exhibition, to show the architecture that France exports , IFA, Paris, February 1997.
Michel Desvigne, L. Benech, J.-M. Duthilleul, H. Gaudin, S. Marot, Architects and Landscapers, two professions that cohabit? , Cycle Gardens and Landscapes, Center Georges-Pompidou, January 1997.
The landscape, Four International Landscape Designers , Desingel Foundation, Antwerp, March 1995.
Architecture and Landscape , House of Architecture, Paris, June 1993.
Ephemeral Garden , Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival, 1992 and 1993.
Places de Lyon 24 projects , Lyon City Hall, August 1990.
Terrae incognitae. Utopies 89 , Europe of the Creators, Grand Palais, Paris, December 1989.
Elementary Gardens , Villa Medici, Rome, September 1987.
Awards and Distinctions
City & Brand Landscape Award: iconic landscape. Triennale of Milan, Italy.
“Urban Challenges” 2016 prize, for the St Pierre Marches project, Toulouse, France 4 .
European Award for Urban Public Space Development 2014, for the redevelopment of the Old Port of Marseille.
Special mention of the jury “urban and architectural policy”, City of Versailles, Public contracting, 2014.
Urban Development Award, Groupe Moniteur, 2013, Metropolitan Territories category for the development of the Old Port of Marseille, France 3 .
Winner of the Grand Prix de l’urbanisme , 2011 2 .
Luxembourg Architecture Prize, Landscaping field for Draï Eechelen Park (Luxembourg), 2011.
Knight of Arts and Letters , 2003
“Civic Trust Award” awarded in September 2002, for the achievement of the Greenwich Peninsula
“Diploma com a Finalista” awarded in January 2002 by the international jury of the European Landscape Award Rosa Barba, for the realization of the Greenwich Peninsula
Medal of the Academy of Architecture in 2000
Since 2014, he teaches at Harvard University in the United States 2 .
From 2006 to 2012, he is a permanent professor at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in Switzerland .
In 2000, he made interventions at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London .
In 1999, he is visiting professor at Harvard University in the United States .
From 1994 to 1998, he was visiting professor at the Institute of Architecture of the University of Geneva in Switzerland .
In 1993 he was visiting professor at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland .
From 1985 to 1995, he was responsible for a project workshop at Versailles National School of Landscape .
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