Miami Beach Square by BIG

BIG together with West 8, Fentress, JPA and developers Portman CMC proposes Miami Beach Square as the centerpiece of their 52 acre Convention Center. Miami Beach Square involves bringing to life one of Miami Beach’s most underutilized public sites with a fully-revamped convention center capable of luring major events from around the world, inviting green spaces, and cultural venues. Miami Beach Square serves as the pivoting point for all activities around it. The main streets are connected across the square for pedestrians and bicycles – and vehicular access. The Soundscape is connected across the square to The Botanical Gardens and the Holocaust memorial. Pennsylvania Avenue is connected across the square to Convention Center Boulevard. The shortcuts and connections define an urban block structure of building and landscapes. Rather than a great green empty void, the public realm is programmed by patches of landscapes and buildings connected by plazas and paths. Some of the patches of park are peeled open to accommodate for small-scale community owned businesses: a shake shack, a bike rental, a small gallery.