Guido Canali

Guido Canali ( Sala Baganza , 24 October 1935 ) is an Italian architect

«Few architects like Canali have at the base of their work the dialogue, composed and almost absent-minded, with the matter of design and construction; a dialogue that starts from the reading of the physical traces of architecture to redefine, through a patient laborious reassembly, the signs of space, of the city and of the territory, accepting and translating the continuous references and memories that those signs evoke. ”

( Elisabetta Pieri )
Compasso d’Oro Compasso d’Oro Award in 2004
Guido Canali ( Sala Baganza , 24 October 1935 ) is an Italian architect .

1 Biography
2 Awards and honors
3 Selection of works and projects
4 Notes
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He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan , then working in Italy and in Europe.
Former university professor at the University of Parma , at the IUAV of Venice, and at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ferrara . The professional assignments mainly concerned the restoration of historical-urban-architectural ensembles and the organization of exhibitions and museum complexes (the exhibitions of Il Parmigianino and European Mannerism , Duccio di Buoninsegna , to the origins of Sienese painting in Siena , are mentioned) Correggioin Parma, the setting up of the Historical Archaeological Museum of Savona in the Priamar fortress site). A scholar of Parmesan neoclassical architecture, he has developed research on the cities of Emilia and on the possible recoveries, documented in the exhibition “The Latent City” set up in Parma, in the Palazzo della Pilotta , in 1995.

Dry, synthetic and elegant,
the language that Canali has institutionalized in its conscious use of technology
reflects a profound reflection on the historicity of the Italian city,
outside any fashion or ephemeral stylistic convention. [ no source ]

Awards and honors
He has received numerous awards including:

Inarch Prize (1989-1990, 1991/92),
Constructa Preis Hannover (1992),
Fritz Schumacher Preis (2004),
Golden Compass Award (2004)
honorable mention at the gold medal of Italian architecture ( Triennale di Milano ) for the years 2003, 2006 and 2009.
Since 2008 he is Academician of San Luca
Over the years his works have received national and international feedback through personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Venice Biennale , Padua, Monaco, Meinz.
Selection of works and projects
At your place Project Place Note
1967 House on the hill Mucciatella , ( Reggio Emilia ) with: Leopoldo Ficarelli
1967/71 “Red House” Parma
1967-74 Townhouses Parma
1970-90 Palazzo della Pilotta , National Gallery Farnese Theater, Parma
1975 Private house in via Duomo Parma
1977-83 New headquarters of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium Reggio Emilia
1978/83 S. Elisabetta Convention Center – University Campus Parma
1982/87 House-stock Parma
1985 House-museum in Borgo Du Tillot Parma
1985/86 Department of Earth Sciences Parma
1985/96 Commercial gallery, offices and municipal seat [ broken link ] Sassuolo , ( Modena )
1988/90 Architectural design of the Costa Marina cruise ship with: Salsoglass snc
1990/92 Architectural design of the Costa Allegra cruise ship with: Salsoglass snc
1991 Home for an art collector Parma
1994/95 Industrial building Como
1996/06 Bayrische HypoVereinsbank images Munich with: Gilberto Botti, Maurizio Pappalardo,
Florian Jost, Hanns Michael Küpper, Burkard Franke,
Doerte Baecker, Ulrich Peter Hackl,
Valentina Colonna
1997/00 Casa Museo in the Mulino del Maglio Sassuolo , ( Modena )
1997/01 Prada footwear factory (Prada Shoes Factory) Montegranaro , ( Ascoli Piceno ) Studio Canali, Mimma Caldarola
1998/00 Archaeological Museum of the Santa Maria della Scala Museum Complex [ broken link ] Siena Studio Canali, Francesco Canali, Mimma Caldarola, Claudio Bernardi
1999/00 Project for the recovery of the Mirandola sugar factory [1] Mirandola , ( Modena )
2002 Restoration of the former Convent of San Paolo Parma (Competition project – Winner)
with: Giorgio A. Bertani,
Domenica Caldarola,
Maurizio Pappalardo,
Gianfranco Zanafredi,
Pietro Zanlari
2002 Restoration of the former Ospedale della Misericordia Parma (Competition project)
with: Giorgio A. Bertani,
Domenica Caldarola,
Maurizio Pappalardo,
Gianfranco Zanafredi,
Pietro Zanlari
2002 Redevelopment of buildings in the historic center former Gondrand area, Parma (Competition project)
2002/03 Preparation of the “Parmigianino and European Mannerism” exhibition Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma “A labyrinth that adorns salt, corridors,
niches, in an evocative play of light and shadow.
” Our intention was to create
a pleasant and compelling show, ”
explained the Parma architect.
(From: Gazzetta di Parma)
2003 New “City of Cultures” museum center Ansaldo Area, Milan (Competition project)
2004 SMEG offices San Girolamo di Guastalla ( Reggio Emilia ) Canali Associati Srl
2004 Recovery and enhancement of the Villa Reale Monza (Competition project)
2004 Roofing for the Villa del Casale Piazza Armerina , ( Enna )
2007 Redevelopment of the Santa Chiara hospital complex Pisa (Competition project)
with: Arch. Ass. Design Office, Nicola Serafino,
Leopoldo Sdino, Marco Rossi (bs),
Roberto Melai, Gianfranco Franz,
Romeo Farinella, Paolo Ceccarelli, Pietro Zanlari
2007 Piazza Buondelmonti redevelopment Impruneta, ( Florence ) (Competition project – Winner)
2007/08 Design of 5 residential towers in the recovery of the Portello district [ broken link ] Milan
2008 Preparation of the “Correggio” exhibition Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma
2008 Prada plant and offices Valvigna , ( Arezzo )
2008 Project for a clinic Naples
2008 Project for a museum center Kyong Ky , ( Seoul )
2008 Recovery of the building of the former Collegio Carlo Alberto Moncalieri , ( Turin ) with: Luca Deabate, Marina Deabate,
Favero Milan, Prodim srl, Francesco Canali
2008 New Maglificio Gran Sasso factory Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata , Teramo with Maurizio Pappalardo
(Honorable Mention Gold Medal of Italian Architecture 2009)
2013 Restoration of Palazzo Reale and Museo del Duomo Milan with: Francesco Canali, Claudio Bernardi, Gianfranco Zanafredi
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