Domain Office

founded by Mitesh Dixit

DOMAIN is an architecture and urbanism studio based in Belgrade, Serbia and Syracuse, New York, led by Mitesh Dixit and Ryan Gillum. DOMAIN deliberately works without a manifesto or agenda, but insists on a method that explores the very nature of a question. We aim to discover ‘new’ questions, as opposed to recycling existing solutions. Our method of investigation transcends scale. We describe this method as ‘unpacking’ – exposing the multiple layers, the hard & soft, the physical & critical in order to identify new hierarchies or hidden actors.This process demands an intense investigation into the local, an abject surrender to the existing, and the rejection of any singular ‘vision’.

The office works internationally on projects ranging from residential to public buildings and masterplans. Its work has been presented at the Venice Architectural Biennale (2014), Franc Centre in Orleans Museum (2014), and MIPIM Conference in Canes, France (2014), The National University of Singapore (2012), and the Inaugural Chicago Architectural Biennale (2015). DOMAIN has been in numerous publications including Domus, Metropolis Magazine, and Wallpaper.

DOMAIN operates within the contemporary art realm and has collaborated with artists such as Wim Wenders, Armin Linke, Vincent de Rijk, Ari Versluis (Exactitudes) and Antonio Lopez Garcia, as well as curators including Chris Dercon and Julio Vaquero.