Höweler+Yoon is an architecture and design firm based in Boston, MA and Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2004 by Eric Höweler and Meejin Yoon.[1]


Yoon and Höweler first met while studying Architecture at Cornell University in 1990. They married[2] in 2002 and founded Höweler+Yoon Architecture in 2004.

In 2003, the firm was commissioned to design an interactive public art piece for the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics.[3] They went on to design the Boston Society of Architects Headquarters, the MIT Collier Memorial,[4] Sky Courts Exhibition Hall[5] (Chengdu China), and Swing Time.[6] They are known for working across the domains of architecture, urban design, public space, immersive experience, and design strategy.

In 2012, Höweler+Yoon won the Audi Urban Future Award.[7] Other notable awards include United States Artists Award in Architecture and Design in 2008, Architectural Record’s Design Vanguard Award in 2007, the Architecture League of New York’s Emerging Voices Award in 2007, and the Rome Prize in Design in 2005. The firm has also authored two books, Expanded Practice (2009)[8] and Public Works: Unsolicited Small Projects for the Big Dig (2008).[9]