Alain Fouraux

Born in Holland 1971, Alain got in touch with creative disciplines at a very early age, in the slipstream of his entrepreneurial creative parents. Through Audio registration, Radio advertising, Painting, Sculpture, Video productions, Animations, and Product design, Alain found a way to channel his rapidly expanding interest, in the field of Architecture and Urban Design. Upon achieving his Master of Architecture degree at Delft University of Technology in Holland, 1999, Alain Fouraux joined renowned architect Rem Koolhaas office OMA in Rotterdam. In this vibrant international talent pool of about 250 designers from over 60 nationalities, Alain soon surfaces to be a determining creative factor in many of the office’s milestone projects. In 2000 when Koolhaas receives the prestigious Pritzker Prize of Architecture, Alain has already established himself as one of Koolhaas’s creative intimates and travels the world with him, chasing architectural challenges.

At OMA, Alain has developed a broad oeuvre of architectural designs and explorations, ranging from flagship stores for Prada to the CCTV headquarters in Beijing. Alain has been co-responsible for the creation of over 60 OMA projects in the past 18 years as design director of OMA’s Rotterdam based headquarter.

Not satisfied with the prospects for innovation in architecture and frustrated by the hurdles in the building process, Alain starts developing idea’s to surpass these obstacles. From 2002 till 2013 Alain lives and works in China. Proximity to manufacturing brings him to experiment with architecture related products alongside his work with OMA. The market rather than design as a vehicle for innovation proves to be the portal Alain has been searching for.